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Kashmir Resistance…Strategies To Be Adopted !

Kashmir Resistance…Strategies To Be Adopted !

After abrogating special status of JK, the occupier right from August 5th 2019 started to strengthen its illegal occupation by various methods especially sabotaging political atmosphere and defaming the armed struggle. But these tactics are all mirages and will yield nothing for the occupier. At the very same time it should serve an eye-opener for those political persons who served occupier with tooth and nail as they were also treated as shit by the same occupier whom they served by betraying their own people. It was already predicted that after abrogation of Special Status what the occupier Indian regime is upto. Recent land bill has completely exposed occupier’s ill mentality and such acts clearly shows what the Occupier is upto.

‘Non-locals those have/are been provided with new domicile certificate whosoever he/she may be is to be considered as an enemy of JK and he/she will be responsible for his/her life,’

Since Occupier India has crossed all the limits in its hypocrisy and Chanakiyan policy it is time for Kashmir Resistance movements to change its field of operation. For that some major steps are to be taken so that Occupier India can regret what it has and is doing in Kashmir. Some of the steps that Occupier Indian regime took after abrogating Special Status:

  • After 5th August 2019, Occupier Indian regimes accelerated in deputing non-local employees on strategic positions, (be it civil department or security/police department),
  • Paved ways for Occupational forces to point out the strategic as well as non-strategic locations for their permanent stays,
  • In the garb of Domicile Law paved ways for getting State Subject status for non-Kashmiris especially those whose inclination is towards RSS or other Sangi groups.
  • Lured JKP with rewards and awards to carry out operational activities (to kill Kashmiris by the Kashmiris)
  • To raise the number of the professional (courses) seats in the professional colleges especially medical and engineering so that non-locals can get admitted just to malign the atmosphere of the colleges and universities,
  • Raise down and confiscate any structure in which the freedom fighters take shelter or whose owner seems to be inclined towards freedom struggle,
  • The ghost of NIA to be introduced in any case to make every civilian feel uneasy,
  • Lure non-Kashmiris to purchase land in the valley on prime locations with the consent of occupational regime and clear ways for long lasting settlement programs,
  • Occupier Indian regime trying to demonize the freedom struggle as a terrorist act and making common Indian public believe that this freedom struggle is but an act of some distracted youth.

These are some of the basic agendas that has/is being followed by the occupier regime with tooth and nail. And in response if it is not countered then the time is not far away when occupier hypocrite Indian regime will be able to achieve that what it was/is unable to achieve in last 73 years of its illegal occupation. The resistance groups be it political or armed has to take some major and strategic steps to counter this hypocrite and brutal tactics of occupier Indian regime. Some of the measures which has/are to be taken to counter these are/should be as:

  • To target/boycott non-local employees on/through both fronts locally as well as militarily(armed struggle front),
  • Keep vigil that no land, area is provided to non-locals especially to those who want to establish any sort of entrepreneurship with any local person. And if any such sort of thing happens it can be opposed and action taken both fronts be it locally or through Resistance/armed groups,
  • Non-locals those have/are been provided with new domicile certificate whosoever he/she may be is to be considered as an enemy of JK and he/she will be responsible for his/her life,
  • JK Police personals, stooges, collaborators who is/are involved in anti-Kashmir struggle activities is considered as an enemy and he/she will be dealt accordingly,
  • Occupational Indian regime has already started using universities and colleges for their vicious and anti-Kashmir designs. Occupational has started admitting non-local students and even non-local staff in these institutions (around 85% of students selected in Central University are non-Kashmiris). So at student level organizations these selections should be opposed with tooth and nail while for the sake of Kashmir cause these selections will be opposed on armed struggle level also,
  • In the shield of revised Land law bill according to which non-locals can now purchase land in JK shall be opposed. Occupier Indian regime had already allotted more than 50,000 canals of land towards Industries & Commerce department so that they can allot this land to non-local industrialists. These moves has to be rejected by every Kashmiri and whosoever will be proven involved in allotting this land to any non-local will be considered as enemy of Kashmir. (Even those officials no matter who they are, those sign the documents or carry forward the files will come in this enemy list). All will be dealt with iron hand.
  • Anybody whosoever is assisting these NIA officials shall be hunted down? The armed/resistance groups should target these agencies through whatsoever resources they can,
  • Since occupational forces use brutal force whenever there is any encounter and without any single thought start raising/blasting down the residential house/area so resistance/armed groups should formulate their strategies.
  • The properties of occupational forces especially JK Police shall be targeted particularly of those who are actively taking part in anti-Kashmir struggle activities,
  • If strategy demands then Kashmir resistance struggle will be taken outside Kashmir especially at those parts/areas in India where from IPS/IAS officials (who work in the valley) come from,
  • When the surroundings (area of their actual place of livings) of these brutal IAS/IPS officials bleed only then these brutal officials can feel the pain of local Kashmiris,
  • From every nook & corner of the world every Kashmiri should take part in Kashmir cause in whatsoever means they have, whatsoever capability he/she is having be it through protests, social media activity or any kind of  activity which can benefit Kashmir cause.

‘If strategy demands then Kashmir resistance struggle will be taken outside Kashmir especially at those parts/areas in India where from IPS/IAS officials (who work in the valley) come from,’

These are some of the measures which are to be taken. Rest armed struggle will continue as it is the legal right of every Kashmiri to defend this pious land from the illegal occupation of occupier India. Resistance will not stop till occupier India is not turned out from the pious land of JK and the time will come when the JK will get free from the brutal clutches of occupier India and for that we have to intensify our struggle. Freedom is not far away.

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