Measures to be Taken & Measures to be Implemented!

Measures to be Taken & Measures to be Implemented!

“No revolution with a big idea behind it can fail!”

Kashmir Occupied

Since abrogation of special status in IIOJK by the occupier Indian regime the scenario of disputed/occupied state i.e.; IIOJK has changed and it became a live example of brutal hegemony and illegal occupation while the dead silence of the so called world bodies clearly indicate the Fascist and capitalist mind-set of certain countries falsely contributing themselves as human rights defenders. Since this abrogation and huge deployment of brutal and mercenary armed forces of occupier India is a direct threat to certain bordering countries especially to Pakistan so it should have immediately taken up some necessary measures after Indian occupation had strengthen its illegal occupation in JK. While the Resistance Fighters, be it Armed Resistance Fighters or Political Resistance Fighters had to change their strategies and take this Resistance to ultimate goal of Freedom.

Below are some of measures which were supposed to be taken by Pakistan  immediately after the abrogation of special status of IIOJK and we will be discussing some of the important and necessary measures that the Resistance Fighters have to take to strengthen this Resistance fight.

What Pakistan should do/should have done after India’s unconstitutional act of scrapping the Article 370 & 35A in IIOJK?

  • This is the specialty of Hindus that whom they see powerful they consider him/it the God.
  • Pakistan has first to make itself understand and then the world that India’s aggression in Kashmir is a part of their Akhand Bharat or Mahabharata dream.
  • The aggression of India on JK is the direct challenge on the honor, atomic power and army of Pakistan.
  • If Pakistan is unable to give a befitting reply to this Indian aggression then the next step of India will be towards AJK, Gilgit Baltistan and the Baloachistan.
  • Pakistan should cut off all diplomatic ties with India.
  • Pakistan has to shun all trade treaties with India.
  • Pakistan should even cut off the air traffic for India.
  • Pakistan should declare India as an enemy state and declare war situation with India.
  • Pakistan should declare diplomatic emergency and with the consultation from legal experts through international laws should try to put forth and explain the JK conflict case.
  • Due to the regional disturbance and the military deployment, Pakistan should address/demand the special secession of UN to raise these points.
  • To act on the order/instructions of Qaid Azam Jinnah, Pakistan should enter its army into JK as the situation has become same as of Qaid’s time.
  • If India can push its army into West Pakistan then Pakistan can also push its army into JK to safeguard its jugular vein.
  • President AJK should declare LOC as null n void as India has tried to change it.
  • Pakistan should open all routes to help Kashmiris so that the basic necessities should reach to the Kashmiris and they can get medical assistance for their ill ones and injured ones from here in need.
  • If Pakistan can’t feel the pain of its jugular vein and don’t take any concrete step to safeguard it then how one the world can understand the pain of Kashmir.
  • According to the resolutions of UNO, India by scrapping the special status of IOK can’t end or diminish the disputed status of IOK. And to end it from one side means interfering into the jurisdiction of Security Council or UNO.
The Resistance Flame that will engulf the whole Occupier Regime.

What this Resistance needs to be done by the Resistance Fighters. (Since in previous article/blog it has been already mentioned what the strategies has to be taken by Resistance Fighters, here will add some more points to that. )

  • The indigenous character of Armed Resistance to be implemented.
  • Attacks to be carried out at various installations in Occupier Indian states especially those installations which are directly linked to mercenary armed forces of occupier India.
  • Identify and target the near and dear ones of those non-local officials who are stationed in IIOJK.
  • Non-local officials be it from administrative department or Police department is to be identified and targeted at their native places.
  • Anyone who advocates or supports the illegal occupation and brutalities of this occupier Indian regime is to be prime target residing or stationed anywhere in or outside IIOJK.
  • Non-locals coming to IIOJK with the intension to reside and help/strengthen the Indian occupation is to be targeted.
  • Pandiths who are settled outside IIOJK and spread venom against this Resistance Struggle is to be considered as prime target.
  • Non-locals and Pandiths residing in IIOJK and supporting and strengthening the Illegal occupation of occupier India are to be identified and targeted.
  • Tourists whose only motive to show normalcy and demonize Kashmir Resistance Struggle and Freedom Fighters are to be targeted wherever they are spotted.
  • Collaborators and stooges in any form and at any place to be targeted.
  • Targets to be selected and executed outside IIOJK.
  • Awareness regarding IIOJK and Resistance Struggle to be highlighted outside Occupier Indian state.
  • Intense campaign regarding Occupier Indian brutality and Fascist nature is to be highlighted throughout the world.
  • Protests and seminars to be conducted in every part of the world wherever Kashmiris are stationed.
  • Periodic protests outside occupier Indian embassies is to be carried out by Kashmiris living or working in any part of the world.
  • Occupier backed and controlled local media like GK, RK, KO etc.; to be targeted and banned.
  • Intensity of target and explosive attacks to be increased especially outside IIOJK.

These are some of the measures that are to be taken (should have been taken). The Resistance Struggle will bear the fruits of Freedom no matter what the situation might be.  

“The biggest obstacle to all revolutions is usually this sentence: Be patient, bad days will pass, good days will come! This is just a ridiculous sentence! A country in need of revolution needs an immediate revolution, not patience, not even for a second!”

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