How Non-Locals & Migrant KP’s are spreading their vicious tentacles!…
19 Locations, 6000 flats and as much jobs/collaborators..

From one side this Occupier Fascist Regime is seizing and attaching properties of Locals and on the other side providing flats , land and jobs to Non-Locals. This is but a small list of so called (Migrant) Kashmiri Pandiths who have been provided the employment under PM Scheme. Amongst these are those who are assigned to play their vital role in spreading the Delhi’s narrative and Hindutva agenda. The Resistance Fighters have got all the details of each and every Migrant Hindutva Fascist ideology spreading Kashmir Pandiths and Non-Locals/Foreigners maligning the atmosphere of the Valley. The Resistance Fighters have already put forth their points and reason for carrying out attacks on such elements and it will continue. We once again want to warn such elements not to become pawns of Delhi Regime and don’t become the carriers of their filthy and fascist agenda. Rest the Resistance Fighters are crystal clear in their attacks.
List of Non-Locals to be uploaded soon…

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