POST DATED: 27/03/2022

Resistance Fighters know their targets clearly and they can segregate chaff from the grain. We know who is stooge, traitor and collaborator. And we also know who are innocents. We don’t target blindly but gather sufficient information before proceeding the Operation Sweep or Operation Clean-up. We know who in the mercenary JKP is deep in the shit and where they live. We also have all information about Revenue officials be it Tehsildar, Patwari, Clerk or any other official involved in implementing the draconian orders of the Occupational Government. As already cleared that the Resistance Fighters have knowledge to segregate chaff from the grain so don’t panic. The game has already begun and it’s just the stage one. Wait for the next…..

POST DATED: 24/03/2022

Occupier regime is going to implement the Israeli design settlement program in Kashmir with the help of those bloody traitors JK Police and certain Govt. Employees especially from Revenue deptt. It is time the Resistance Fighters start the same program against the properties of these traitors of JKP and those involved. The attacks against the properties of these stooges should take place. Every family of Freedom loving harassed should be avenged with two families of the stooges, collaborators and traitors. The battle lines have been drawn and it has to be followed now by the Resistance Fighters. Boycott those stooges, collaborators and traitors in every vicinity. Time to move forward with the plans.

POST DATED: 22/03/2022

Inviting some foreign investors and throwing a party in IIOJK and begging them to invest in IIOJK isn’t or doesn’t depict any sign of normalcy in IIOJK which the Fascist Occupier Indian regime wants to potray. The business venture or flourishing tourism can’t ignore the crystal clear fact that IIOJK is illegally occupied by this Fascist Indian regime where it has stationed its mercenary brutal forces to curtail and choke the voices and aspirations of Freedom of the inhabitants of IIOJK. We want to make is clear to all those who want to do business or any other venture in IIOJK that keep that factor always on forefront and in mind that JK is a disputed territory where the Resistance Struggle against this Fascist Indian regime is going on. So it is better that these so called investors of business personalities keep the aspirations and desire of the locals at priority level and not get carried away by any false promises that this Fascist Indian regime has done with them.
Nobody is against any development or such business opportunities but if these things are build on the blood of locals and the reality of the land is ignored then such ventures and the guys who play their part in such events live in the fools world where they keep their eyes and ears shut. It is a matter of time that they are going to realize the bitter reality soon.
Keep all the ground situation and land reality in mind and decide accordingly.

POST DATED: 15/03/2022

From one side the Fascist regime is beating drums for peace process engaging some stooges for talks preparation and on another side showing it’s Chanakyian true color by banning Hijab through Fascist Courts and showing/spreading false narrative about the Kashmiri Pandiths migration in early 1990’s. Despite that only 89 Kashmiri Pandiths were targeted and that too on the basis of their having involvement/links with IB, some filthy outsider film director alongside with certain traitorous charactered local guys showed that much much higher number of Kashmiri Pandiths being targeted. The migration of KP’s was a pre-planned operation designed by the then incumbent RSS governor Jaghmohan and BJP stalwarts with the consent of certain fascist minded KP’s.
Freedom Fighter’s are firm on their stand about the fate of traitorous charactered filthy guys and also about those KP’s who were part of incumbent RSS Governor Jaghmohan. So airing such false narrative documentaries won’t change anything but make the ways more worst for such traitorous charactered guys and stooges. Time will tell and these stooges, traitors and collaborators will find no place to hide.

POST DATED: 08/03/2022

Resistance Fighters don’t carry such type of attacks especially near crowded places. Such attacks do favour the Occupier regime and the Indian agencies have carried such attacks in past also to defame Resistance Fighters and also to gain some sympathy from outside world.
These attacks only benefit Mercenary forces taking orders under filthy guys like these heads of JK Police or Army.
The Freedom Fighters will give a befitting reply to this act and the occupational stooges will regret being part of this mercenary Occupier regime.

POST DATED: 28/02/2022

It is a traitorous act to be a part of those events which are being sponsored or organized by occupational mercenary forces. Those involved or taking part in such events especially sports are acting as collaborators for the Occupier regime. This occupational mercenary forces are the same forces who brutalize Kashmiris and snatch the legal rights of the land while those who shake hands with such a brutal mercenary and fascist force becomes a part of them. Such guys who become the part of such traitorous acts will be considered as traitors and no mercy will be for them.
Nobody is against playing sports but not under the umbrella of the Occupier regime or occupational mercenary fascist forces of Occupier regime.

POST DATED: 26/02/2022

Amshipora, Shopian encounter is another low of this mercenary fascist forces especially JK Police. A civilian Shakeel Ah. was tied with ropes, dragged out and then fired by this mercenary occupational forces. How are the families of these incumbent JK Police justifying all this. The JK Police is emerging as the worst war criminals and it is up to the Resistance Fighters to take stringent measures against these war criminals.
paying glorious tribute to all Martyrs, the Resistance Movement has entered in a new phase where it has to prioritize its moves. Targets to be prioritized and enemy stooges, collaborators and traitors to be targeted alongside these mercenary JKP forces.

POST DATED: 23/02/2022

Sanctioning of opening wine shops in Kashmir clearly depicts who is behind this drug menace in the valley. It is a clearcut policy of Resistance Fighters that whosoever is/will will be involved in such such filthy Satanic Business will met the fate of bullet along with his/her near and dear ones.

POST DATED: 08/02/2022

Time has come to take this struggle on new turf. The turf outside JK. Once the blood of the occupier gets spell on its own streets only then it will understand the pain the oppressed nation is going through. When the occupational forces and the stooges administrating the occupiers regime bleed on their own backyards only then will they understand the meaning of freedom. Wait for the worst. Time is over.
“Concentrate your energy and hoard your strength.”

POST DATED: 03/02/2022

Mushtaq Ahmad Bagow • Abid Ah. Dar S/O Ali MD. Dar • Amir Ah. Lolo S/O Mansoor Ah. Lolo • Bashir Ah. Ahanger S/O Gh. Md. Ahanger • Showkat Ah. Dar S/O Ab.Rehman Dar • Irshat Ah. (Shruat) Aijaz Ah. Bagow S/O Md. Yousuf Bagow • Riyaz Ah. Dar S/O Ab Ahad Dar • Bilal Ah. Lolo S/O Mansoor Ah. Lolo • Faizan Ah. Lolo S/O Mansoor Ah. Lolo • Dilawar Ah. Mandoo S/O Ab. Razaq Mandoo • Feroz Ah. S/O Gh. Md. Ahanger • Javed Ah. S/O Gh. Md. Ahanger • Wakeel Ah. Mandoo (Arshad Brothers) • Showkat Ah. Mandoo S/O Gh. Hassan Mandoo This is the list of some of the guys who work with the occupational JKP/SOG in spreading the menace of drugs in whole Kashmir. They being close to the SOG and also to Occupational mercenary forces are also involved in providing inputs about Freedom Fighters around their vicinity. The recent henious act of Acid Attack is just the result of the menace these type of filthy guys spread around. This should not be taken as warning or message but it is the hit list depends upon these persons what they want. Apologize publicly and surrender your bad doings or to get targeted. It is just a tip of an iceberg list which is being published and more is yet to come. And no-one will be spared.

POST DATED: 30/01/2022

Arresting & murdering innocent, then labelling them as hybrid militants is the new low of incumbent occupational mercenary forces. This mercenary force has crossed all the limits to appease their masters in Delhi. They’re not here for their jobs but to lick the boots of their bosses. Irony is that the local JK personal are front runners in such acts. The family members of these personal don’t utter a word of concern or regret what job they are doing by murdering the innocents. Today’s encounter of murdering a civilian and then labelling him as Hybrid is worst example of that. The family members of these JK police personal should feel ashamed of this mercenary force or they too seem to be enjoying all this. Freedom fighters are watching.

POST DATED: 27/01/2022

These are the traitors who work with the occupational mercenary forces. It is just a small list which is being uploaded just to make the common people aware how many traitors are there roaming around. Be vigilant as now Resistance Fighters are going demolish this setup of Occupier Regime.

POST DATED: 26/01/2022

More than 90 KAS and KPS occupational officers to get retired this year. Among these stooges many are those who left no stone unturned to brutalise and defame Kashmir Struggle. We have the list of such traitors and all they have done during their tenure. Nothing to forgotten and nothing will be forgiven. Nobody will be spared unless they publicly apologize and count their wrong doings. We are watching.

POST DATED: 22/01/2022

Most Wanted Terrorists of JK. Dilbagh Singh @ Dillo, DP Panday @Pandu and Vijay Kumar @ Vijay Bihari. These are the cold blooded murderers who are involved in hundreds of cold blooded murders of innocent Kashmiris. Anyone providing information about their and their close ones movement will be duly rewarded. They are A++ categorised terrorists.

POST DATED: 20/01/2022

POST DATED: 20/01/2022

POST DATED: 16/01/2022

The Occupational Mercenary Forces are engaged in publicity stunts these days by pretending to be people friendly so trying to get engaged in some surprise visits in Markets or some sports events. But this can’t wash away the attrocities and brutalities they carry out to common people. Their brutalities and satanic deeds be it Hyderpora incident or various other incidents won’t be forgotten or forgiven. They have to pay the price for what they did and do. Their very presence in itself is a brutal and inhumane act.

POST DATED: 11/01/2022

The common people has to be aware about some IB & Cargo sponsored Molvis who start creating confusion about Kashmir Resistance Struggle. These sponsored Molvis are even responsible for Martyrdom of many Freedom Fighters. Evidence has revealed that from Shaheed Zakir Moosa to Shaheed Mehran many Freedom Fighters got Martyred due the input provided by certain IB sponsored fake Molvis.

POST DATED: 03/01/2022

Today’s Shalimar encounter was a fake encounter carried out by occupational mercenary SOG and CRPF. It is a clear case of custodial murder. Both the martyrs were already in custody from past 11 days. These occupational mercenaries especially sog/jkp are deep down fallen in this shit of appeasing mha which has promised them with hefty rewards and promotions. These traitors have sold their everything for their greedy stomach. Resistance fighters have not to differentiate between these filthy worms and their near & dear ones now onwards.

POST DATED: 02/01/2022

Creating 07 new Police Stations in Srinagar clearly depicts the situation how it is. Resistance Struggle has become the nightmare for occupational mercenary forces and its stooges.

POST DATED: 30/12/2021

Take over of educational institutions especially KU and CU by occupier mercenary army is another low of this occupier Indian regime. The frequent seminars and other functions organized by occupier mercenary army clearly shows their interference to malign the sanity of educational department. These mercenary forces along with some traitors/stooges in the form of certain professors and some students have started some seminars and programs about how to crush this Resistance Struggle. The Resistance Camp should make it clear that whosoever involved will not be spared and treated as traitor. The seminar especially organized at infamous and notorious Badamibagh cantonment mercenary army camp.Those participated should shun this hypocrisy and avoid such seminars otherwise it will be disastrous for them. This tactics which the Mercenary Gen. Ata Hasnain had started along with some traitors/collaborators and now is being carried out by all mercenary occupational armed forces is just to malign the sanity of educational system of Kashmir. The staff and VC of KU is especially warned for such traitorous acts. The Resistance fighters are watching and monitoring all this. And they will not hesitate to take any abrupt action.

POST DATED: 28/12/2021

No body will be allowed to malign the sanity of JK. The illegal occupier regime that paves ways for foreign investors to use the land of JK for their nefarious designs in the name of Real Estate business, Industrial purpose or any other purpose will not be allowed. Anyone whosoever involved in this nefarious design will met with worst fate and he/she will not be spared. The streets will get red with the blood of such traitors and invaders. Watch your move as Resistance fighters are watching.

POST DATED: 16/12/2021

Analysing todays mercenary force JK Police’s transfer detail one can easily understand the barbaric policy of Occupier Indian regime that how they want to control the local boot licking JK Police force. Except 1-2 all other transferred JK Police guys are Non-Locals and Hindus having a black past record. This should serve an eye opener for the boot licking JK Police that whom they are serving and for what they are selling their loyalties. It is not the promotions or awards that makes your life comfortable or acceptable in the society but the dignity and honour which you people (JK Police) know that you have already lost when you guys have opted to serve the Occupier and side with brutal regime. You can’t even differential between good and bad. This Occupier regime just throws some filthy bones towards you through these Non-locals officials and you don’t even hesitate to brutalize and murder your own people. Hyderpora, Rangreth, Shopian, Kupwara and many more are the live examples of your blind following their orders. This traitorous act will be very costly for you and your near and dear ones.

POST DATED: 15/12/2021

JK Police has once again proven their dirty loyalty and their low level mentality. Arresting our sisters and mother is the new low of this bootlicking bootlicking force. It should serve an eye opener for all those who condemn Freedom Fighters attacks on these stooges JK Police. Looking innocents in fake encounters and arresting even womenfolk just shows where there loyalty sides it is a war that has begun and Resistance fighters won’t differentiate between who is in the this slave Khaki uniform. Get ready for the reaction…

POST DATED: 13/12/2021

JK Police has proven to be more loyal to the occupier regime by carrying out or taking part in every fake encounter. This stooge force is also advocating the brutalities & atrocities carried out by other mercenary forces stationed in IOJK. Targeting these stooges is best service to this Resistance.

POST DATED: 08/12/2021

BJP lost their top Sangi face in its mercenary armed force …The tyrant and psychopath Bipin Rawat…
This guy is responsible for countless murders and brutalities not only in IOJK but also in North Eastern side of Occupier India where recently more than 19 civilians were murdered in cold blood by this brutal (un)professional mercenary armed force directly taking orders from this incumbent Bipin Rawat.
Nature decides what tyrants deserve.

POST DATED: 6/12/2021

Occupier regime has to taste that very thing which it is being doing in JK so expansion is inevitable. There are more than 8 lakh occupational mercenary forces stationed in JK so it is a huge field to attack outside jk to make these occupational mercenary forces fell the pain thay they give to innocent Kashmiris. Target them and their near and dear ones as they Target ours.

POST DATED: 19/11/2021

JK police has fallen to its lowest. Harassing and murdering not only the families and relatives of Freedom Fighters but their havoc has not spared even the civilians. It is surprising that the family members and relatives of these brutal JK Police personals aren’t uttering a word against their brutal and inhumane work which/that only depicts that the close ones of these Sangi and narcistic minded JK Police personals are also involved in their dirty work. We had earlier restrained our operations against them but time has come to wage a full fledged cleansing operations against them. It is up to them what they choose. A life filled with filth which the (JK Police) give to them or a life of dignity and self-respect.